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Equine nutrition can be confusing — yet owners have voted health and nutrition as the topics they most want to learn about!

With that goal in mind, and the belief that better information makes for healthier horses, educating horse owners is a key responsibility for equine veterinarians — and the key role of Stewart Veterinary Services.

The concept that nutrition underpins the prevention and management of many horse health problems means research in equine nutrition and metabolism is gaining momentum — improving our capacity for early intervention and reducing the incidence of diseases — leading to a longer, happier, healthier partnership for horses and owners.

The horse is a strange paradox of strength and acquiescence — and this presents profound challenges for those with responsibility for their welfare. Paramount in this obligation are owners, breeders, trainers and veterinarians.

Educating horse owners to prevent preventable diseases and offering better nutritional information is the vital aspect of this site.

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Jennifer Stewart BVSc BSc PhD MRCVS
Equine veterinarian and Consultant Nutritionist

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A beautiful email we received recently, 20th Oct 2015 -
"Dear Dr Jennifer,
My 16 year old TBxASH was diagnosed with Big Head in February this year after he was in so much pain he could not walk! I was told about Bone Formula by a chiropractor but was also told by many others that dolomite and lime would do the same thing. Not wanting to take any chances, I started him on Bone Formula straight away. It was very scary to hear from your vet that there is no guarantees your horse will be okay again. Though after having 8 months off I can happily say he is as agile and happy as he has ever been! I can not thank you and recommend your product enough! Thank you! Maddie. Ballina, NSW "